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About Us

In 1974, with dreams,
enthusiasm, dedication,
and years of experience,
friends Greg Aeschliman and
Kelly Roper, who met in
apprenticeship school in the early 1960s, launched A and R Plumbing, Inc.  Bowing to the needs of their young families, wives Robin Aeschliman and Kathy Roper alternated morning and afternoon shifts in a small Monterey office. 

Years passed. A and R Plumbing, Inc. moved to Sand City and grew from its modest beginnings to the large, full-service plumbing business it is today. 

Kathy and Kelly's daughter, Shannon Petty, came on board in 1992. Now manager, Shannon's positive attitude sets a tone of cooperation. She is the 'go-to' person for everything. Mike Petty, Shannon's husband, has been with A and R Plumbing, Inc. since the mid-80s when he was in high school. Quiet, steady, knowledgeable, Mike holds a plumbing contractor's license and manages remodels and estimating. 

Shannon's sister, Michelle Roper, gave up her travel business in 2003 and joined the team. She brought innovative ideas and is Shannon's right arm. 

Shannon and Mike's children, Danielle and Mike, schooling behind them, round out the family team - both have been fixtures at A and R Plumbing, Inc. since their cradle days. 

Although Greg and Kelly are no longer with A and R Plumbing, Inc., their work ethic, attention to quality, and superior customer service endure. Their skills and example can be found in the capable and dedicated management team, staff, and technicians.

A and R Plumbing, Inc., with its loyal team of skilled technicians can accommodate most any plumbing need. The team carries on the enthusiasm and a passionate commitment to the long-established custom of going the extra mile of A and R Plumbing, Inc.'s customers. 
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